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Aesthetic Skin Analysis – Complimentary

Schilling Medical Spa Signature or Medical Facial – $80

This unparalleled clinical facial is designed to rapidly and safely resurface the skin, thereby reducing fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing, softening, and encouraging cellular renewal.

Acne Facial – $85




Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical, noninvasive procedure that offers safe and controlled removal of the outer, dead layers of the skin. The remaining skin is more smooth, fresh and rejuvenated. This procedure utilizes medical grade micro crystals that are propelled at a high speed against the surface of the skin. Debris and used crystals are simultaneously vacuumed into a sealed waste container and disposed of. Afterwards, you may safely apply makeup and continue with your normal daily activities.

Some of the uses of microdermabrasion are listed below:

• Improve skin tone, making it softer and smoother with a healthy glow
• Provide a more even skin color for patients with altered pigmentation
• Diminish large, unsightly pores or acne scars
• Reduce the appearance of stretch marks
• Reduce the frequency and severity of acne breakouts
• Reduce fine lines and wrinkles for a younger appearance


Microdermabrasion – $100
with a Facial – add $25
with a PCA Peel – add $50

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Dermaplaning is a very simple physical or mechanical method of exfoliation, which helps to remove dead skin cells and give your face a brighter complexion.  Along with exfoliating, dermaplaning also helps remove the unwanted velus hairs from the face. Usually, you can see a difference after the first treatment.


Dermaplaning – $60

Chemical Peels

We offer a spectrum of peels to meet the special concerns of your skin. You can choose a light peel, which can literally be done at lunchtime with no downtime — to a more aggressive peel, which may require a little downtime.

A peel offers a spectrum of benefits, after just one you will generally notice:

  • Increased skin glow and radiance
  • Tightening of the skin
  • A more youthful appearance
  • Improvement in clarity, color and skin texture
  • Lessening of fine lines

One of our skin care professionals can help you choose the right peel for your skin. Before scheduling a consultation will be required. Below are some of the peels we offer:


PCA Peel – $120

  • Enhanced Jessner’s Treatments
  • TCA Peels
  • Retinol Treatments
  • Salicylic Acid Treatments


Synergie Peel – $125

Neocutis Glycolic Peel – $125

Obagi Blue Peel™Up to $850* (includes conscious sedation and facial
block) Sedation is the process of relaxing the patient and decreasing anxiety level.
Dr. Schilling administers a facial block with local anesthesia to allow a deeper dermal
peel. *Price varies with peel layers.
(Our most popular!)

Obagi™ Blue Peel Radiance – $100

If you love our peels, get 10% off when you purchase a series of THREE or more!

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Synergie Massage

Includes lymphatic drainage of the body, aids skin tightening and appearance of cellulite.  This is an excellent post-liposuction complement to facilitate a more even skin result.  (Recommended as series for optimal results).


Synergie Massage – $75
One time purchase of Synergie Suit – add $25

PRP Stem-U-Lift Facial Rejuvenation

This procedure is a skin revolution.  PRP (Platelet-Rich plasma) is a natural product created from your own body. Platelets are the cells that stimulate tissue to heal and grow new cells.  PRP is drawn from your body and combined with a filler and injected into specific areas of the skin to promote your own collagen to grow, regenerate tissue, and thus act to naturally smooth and tighten the skin.  This procedure can be done on face, hands, neck, and more.
Requires Consultation for more information and pricing. Treatment works well on all skin types. Performed by Dr. Schilling.


Micro-needling is a minimally invasive non-surgical procedure which is intended to significantly improve the appearance of acne scars, aged and sun-damaged skin, facial and décolleté lines, wrinkles and stretch marks.  The device slides along the skin, penetrating the upper layers of the skin to a depth of up to 2mm to create numerous tiny needle wounds. Micro-needling allows for controlled induction of the skin’s self repair mechanism by creating micro “injuries” in the skin which triggers new collagen synthesis, yet does not pose the risk of permanent scarring.  The result is smoother, firmer and younger-looking skin.  This procedure works excellently in dramatically creating absorption of topically applied preparations that can enhance your results.  PRP and growth serums are our top recommendations to add on to this procedure.

Treatment works well on all skin types.

Micro-needling All prices include series of 4 treatments

Full Face $1500
with Neck  $1800
only Neck  $1100
Lips  $500
Eyes  $500
Scars less than 6”  $450
Hair Restoration  $1600
Full Abdomen Stretch Marks  $1500

Consultation required on any other areas.

Light Therapy


Blue Light Therapy – $35
add to any treatment

Light the path to clearer skin! Blue Light Therapy consists of exposure to specific wavelengths of blue LED lights for a prescribed amount of time. This visible violet light, present in sunlight, activates a molecule in P. acnes bacteria, which damages and ultimately kills the bacteria by releasing free radicals. This treatment has been proven to be nearly 85% effective in the treatment of acne and produces no tanning or sunburn.

Red Light Therapy – $35
add to any treatment

An Unparalleled LED technology that promotes collagen production, increases lymphatic drainage, and accelerates skin repair. This soothing and healing treatment is highly recommended as post-operative care after laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, peels, or any surgical procedure. The results include: increased circulation, increased moisture, softening of lines and folds and restoration of the skin’s natural cellular activity. This treatment has been highly effective in treating tennis and golfer’s elbow, joint and muscle pain, and arthritis.


Latisse ™

LatisseIf you want longer, darker and thicker lashes – we have just the right potion for you! You will fall in love with Latisse.

Did you know super-long lashes can distract from crow’s-feet and fine lines and wrinkles around the eye? See, there’s even more about Latisse than meets the eye!

The FDA has approved Latisse as a prescription treatment for hypotrichosis used to grow eyelashes and has been studied in clinical trials for safety and effectiveness.

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Obagi™ Medical Products

Obagi ProductsAs you age and your skin incurs the abuse of daily living (such as sun, stress, pollution), the cell turnover rate slows down. This means that the new cells take longer to form and reach the top. The old cells accumulate and stay on the surface longer. You begin to notice those unwelcome signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles, freckles and age spots, uneven skin tone, loss of elasticity and loss of natural skin hydration.

Find out about Obagi System skin care products and how they Transform your skin at the cellular level to look and act younger and healthier.


Obagi Nu-Derm System
Accelerates cellular turnover for skin with moderate to severe sun damage.

Obagi-C Rx System
PHOTOLUMENIS™ brighter skin with mild to moderate sun damage.

Obagi360 System
The Obagi360 System is a complete approach to help protect and preserve youthful-looking skin. This unique, all-encompassing skin care system is designed to help proactively protect and improve the look of skin texture and tone, while laying the foundation for a lifetime of radiant, healthy-looking skin.

Obagi Blue Peel System
A peel performed in our office, used in conjunction with the Obagi Nu-Derm® System.

Professional-C Serums
Potent vitamin C serums for maximum daily antioxidant protection.

Obagi CLENZIderm M.D.
A three-step acne therapeutic system. It is formulated with proven acne-fighting ingredients, including a breakthrough, liquefied form of benzoyl peroxide that is clinically proven to penetrate pores deeply and clear acne quickly.

Obagi ELASTIIderm Day Eye Gel
Fills in the missing piece of the anti-aging puzzle. Obagi ELASTIderm Day Eye Gel provides light moisture for daytime use, and helps to improve elasticity for firmer, more youthful-looking skin. Obagi ELASTIderm Day Eye Gel also provides a visible reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while allowing natural replenishment of elastin and collagen.

Obagi ELASTIIderm Night Eye Cream
This night cream will tackle your dark circles, crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles if used continuously and faithfully, leaving your eyes looking better than they have in recent years.

Obagi ELASTIIderm Eye Complete Complex Serum
This is a next generation ELASTIderm eye product that helps improve the strength and resilience of the skin on the outside and underneath the eye area.

Hydrate Facial Moisturizer
This moisturizer provides all day moisture protection and is suitable for all skin types. Contains Hydromanil, a multi-action agent derived from tarsa seed, know to gradually deliver moisturize to the skin. Also includes Shea butter, avocado, and glycerin to help combat skin dryness.

Neocutis Products

BIO BODY Bio-restorative Cream

Lavishly rich, skin-refining body cream helps transform dry, rough skin into a smoother, more touchable texture.  The luxurious Swiss skincare you love, now for your entire body! Powered with PSP® plus exfoliating Salicylic Acid and nourishing Ceramides, this cream helps energize, nourish and promote healthy looking skin.  BIO•BODY provides all over hydration, which absorbs quickly in a non-greasy formula.

PÊCHE Redness Control with ROSAPLEX®

Redness balancing serum with exclusive ROSAPLEX® helps soothe and calm upset skin.  If your skin is in the red zone, its time to take action with PÊCHE Redness Control. Cutting edge research shows that changes in skin’ natural balance of anti-microbial peptides contribute to redness. PÊCHE with patent-pending ROSAPLEX® contains 4 cosmetic ingredients to help restore balance to upset skin. A clinical study indicated that the signs of skin redness improved by 43% after twice daily application over 8 weeks!

HYALIS 1% Hyaluronate Refining Serum

Fast-acting hydrating serum helps deliver immediate moisture replenishment for youthful, radiant looking skin.  Formulated with a high concentration of premium quality hyaluronic acid, Hyalis acts as a “drink of water” for your skin. Skin looks plumper, fuller and the appearance of lines appear smoothed as hydration is quickly replenished.

BIO•CREAM RICHE Bio-restorative Skin Balm with PSP®

Richly textured, luxuriously hydrating balm helps replenish hydration and guard against moisture loss.  Fast-absorbing skincare balm delivers skin rejuvenating PSP® technology with a lavish dose of moisturizers plus skin softening wild yam extract to help enhance skin’s look and restore vitality.

LUMIÈRE RICHE Bio-restorative Eye Balm with PSP®

Super hydration in a luxurious, emollient balm targets the signs of under eye skin aging.  LUMIÈRE RICHE combines the skin rejuvenating action of PSP® with intensive moisturizers, caffeine, skin soothing botanicals and wild yam extract to help target the visible signs of skin aging and dryness.


Revision Products

Revision ProductsNectifirm
Nectifirm rejuvenates fragile skin on the neck and décolletage by treating it differently than the skin on the face. Nectifirm caters to the neck’s specific needs by containing 8 actives that work together to help strengthen the dermal-epidermal junction. With continued use, the neck and décolletage will feel increasingly firmer, smoother, hydrated and better able to withstand gravity’s daily pull.

Teamine Eye Complex
A clinically proven technology to reduce dark circles. Teamine alleviates under-eye puffiness and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles while hydrating dry, flaky skin. Light diffusing technology brightens and clarifies. Powerful antioxidants provide additional anti-aging benefits.

Retinol Eye Repair
A powerful anti-aging serum. Infused with moisturizers and antioxidants, this serum helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Ideal for mature eyes.

Brightening Facial Wash
This rich, luxurious cleanser removes the day’s make-up and impurities, leaving skin feeling clean, smooth and hydrated. Alpha and beta hydroxy acids and natural skin-brightening botanicals help exfoliate and brighten the skin. Your first step to achieving glowing skin that will radiate with health. Ideal for all skin types.

Finishing Touch
Microdermabrasion scrub for polished skin.  This serious facial exfoliation treatment removes dead, dehydrated surface cells from the skin for an immediate soft, smooth appearance.

Intellishade Original and Matte. Broad Spectrum SPF 45

  • Gives all skin types a healthy, radiant glow.
  • Breakthrough peptides reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Moisturizes and blends naturally with the color of your skin.
  • Provides broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection.

Matches every skin tone, every time.


PCA Skin Products

Ideal Complex:  Revitalizing Eye Gel
This hypoallergenic, anti-aging eye product strengthens, firms and lifts the skin around the entire eye area, including the eyelid.

  • One product to treat dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles and sagging eyelids at once
  • Can be applied directly to the eyelid to firm and lift
  • Has a light, silky texture
  • Rapid results seen within one week


GlomineralsFlawless skin is everyone’s dream…glõminerals makes it a reality!

glõminerals’ advanced formulation combines pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, natural high-pigment minerals and the power of antioxidants. glõminerals’ products provide unsurpassed coverage with a broad spectrum UV protection and promotes the battle of free radical damage. A rich color palette with the hottest hues and timeless color classics make glõ a makeup suitable for every skin tone at any age allowing a perfect match every time.

Cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, and leading skincare professionals worldwide embrace our clinical skincare makeup line. It is also ideal for use after chemical or laser procedures to help and heal the skin and for everyday use to maintain a healthy, luminous complexion and a stunning glo`!

The benefits of mineral makeup vs. traditional cosmetics:

  • Anti-inflammatory ingredients including zinc, vitamin C and green tea extract
  • Anti-oxidant blends of vitamin A,C, E and K
  • Contains no perfumes or chemical dyes
  • Non-comedogenic allowing the skin to breathe and function normally
  • Contains broad-spectrum UVB and UVB sun protection
  • Smooth and easy to apply making the skin appear flawless and luminescent


Cosmetic Services & Makeup


Makeup Colormatch —15 minutes -Complimentary

Makeup Application —30 minutes -$40

Special Occasion Makeup Application —60 minutes -$75
(Includes complimentary lip-gloss or lipstick)

Makeup Application —30 minutes -$75



Bikini -$30
French Bikini -$40
Chest/Back -$50
Underarms -$30
Lower Legs -$35
Full Legs -$60