What You’ll Need to Know About an Essure Tubal Ligation

Essure Tubal Litigation is a permanent method of birth control. it is a form of sterilization for women, much like vasectomy for men. The process involves inserting two metal and fiber coils in your fallopian tubes. This creates scar tissue in your body, which prevents the sperm from reaching the egg. Even though this procedure […]

What Happens During Microdermabrasion

A common cosmetic skin treatment that you will come across is microdermabrasion. At Schilling Medical Spa, we offer this effective exfoliating procedure to rejuvenate the skin. You can think of microdermabrasion as a powerful scrub that can treat a variety of skin problems. In most cases, it won’t take more than an hour for us […]

Everything You Need to Know About Labiaplasty

It is not uncommon for women to want a change in the look of their labia minora, also known as the inner lips of the vagina. In some cases, labia can be overly long, thick, or asymmetrical. These aesthetic issues can be not only embarrassing but also physically uncomfortable and painful; this can lead to […]

Microdermabrasion: A Skin-Care Option for the Face, Hands, and Chest

Are you unhappy with how your skin looks? Age, pollution, and chemicals from cosmetics can strip your skin of its beauty and make you look dull and old. While dermal creams do help lift and lighten the skin, they don’t always produce the results you expect from them. To get more significant results, you have […]

Frustrated About Your Spider Veins? Time for Laser Spider Vein Treatment!

As you grow older, you may start to witness varicose veins appearing along your legs. Don’t worry about them, since you’re definitely not alone to this completely treatable condition. Using highly focused beams of light (or lasers, to be more accurate) or laser spider vein treatment, physicians are able to get rid of those unsightly […]

Come in for Micro-Needling Treatments for Brighter Clearer Skin

Having amazing and youthful skin is a dream many people have. Unfortunately, this isn’t always a reality, as the early signs of aging may take hold and cause you to lose your skin’s youthful allure. To ensure that your skin retains its youthful luster, you need to take great care of it. There are a […]

Stem-U-Lift Facial Rejuvenation Offers Youthful Renewal

As we get older, we lose elasticity in our skin. In our 40s and 50s, our collagen production slows, and our skin loses elastin. This may result in our cheeks appearing hollow, our eyes appearing sunken, and vertical lines around our mouths. Women may experience thinning hair, bald patches and receding hairlines. All of these […]

I’ve Heard of Chemical Peels, But Are They Right for Me?

Heard of chemical peels, but not quite sure what the process entails? A chemical peel procedure involves the use of an acidic solution to remove damaged and dead skin from the uppermost layers of the skin to deliver a refined and smooth texture. When carried out by a professional, a chemical peel can turn out […]

What Is Tumescent Liposuction?

Thanks to our busy lives, many of us have forgotten the art of caring for our bodies. We forget that our bodies, just like machines will start degenerating if we do not show it the love it needs. Many people with packed schedules can’t think beyond work, totally overlooking the devastating results of such a […]

Enjoy Tighter Abs Without Stubborn Excess Fat

Everyone has their own hang-ups about their appearance. For many people, one of the most prevalent problems they face is getting their abs to be more defined. Achieving well-toned abs have historically been one of the most difficult fitness goals to accomplish. It requires a lot of work and a strict diet, but sometimes even […]