Light Therapy in Atlanta


Blue Light Therapy – $35
add to any treatment – $20

Light the path to clearer skin! Blue Light Therapy consists of exposure to specific wavelengths of blue LED lights for a prescribed amount of time. This visible violet light, present in sunlight, activates a molecule in P. acnes bacteria, which damages and ultimately kills the bacteria by releasing free radicals. This treatment has been proven to be nearly 85% effective in the treatment of acne and produces no tanning or sunburn.

Red Light Therapy – $35
add to any treatment – $20

An Unparalleled LED technology that promotes collagen production, increases lymphatic drainage, and accelerates skin repair. This soothing and healing treatment is highly recommended as post-operative care after laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, peels, or any surgical procedure. The results include: increased circulation, increased moisture, softening of lines and folds and restoration of the skin’s natural cellular activity. This treatment has been highly effective in treating tennis and golfer’s elbow, joint and muscle pain, and arthritis.