Laser Spider Vein Treatment in Atlanta

We can treat spider veins and vascular lesions with laser treatments. These laser treatments can virtually erase unwanted vascular lesions and spider veins with no incisions or injections, which reduces discomfort.

The laser is used to treat leg veins, reddish-purple spider veins, and facial veins around the nose, chin, cheeks and forehead.


Varies with area treated – Consultation Required

Laser Spider Vein Treatment is effective for:

  • Facial veins and lesions
  • Small leg veins and lesions
  • Strawberry hemagiomas
  • Alternative to injections

Laser Spider Vein Treatment Summary

Recovery Time: None
Number of Treatments: Variable
Approximate Cost: $400
Longevity of results: Permanent
Approximate Treatment Time: 30 – 60 min