Aging can be a frustrating experience – you don’t feel old, but you look old. Each morning when you look in the mirror, you see those fine lines and wrinkles starting to accrue, telling the world your age and making you feel frustrated with your own appearance. But thankfully, there’s a way to fight age lines and wrinkles that doesn’t require the extensive surgery of a facelift!

Botox Cosmetic is a quick and painless treatment that can help reduce or even eliminate the appearance of fine lines and facial wrinkles. This non-surgical treatment is suitable for use on your forehead, brow, around the mouth and nose, around the eyes, and in many other facial problem areas.

Learn more about how Botox can restore a youthful appearance by contacting Schilling Cosmetic Center and Schilling Women’s Center and scheduling your consultation today. With Botox, you can once again love your skin!