Dysport is an FDA-approved injection that is used to give the skin a smoother texture and prevent wrinkles. It contains abobotulinumtoxinA (Botulinum toxin type A), an ingredient that helps to reduce muscle activities temporarily by blocking the muscles’ nerve activity.

Skin specialists and dermatologists use Dysport as an injectable filler to help achieve someone’s cosmetic goals. It is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments used to counter the signs of aging by helping patients obtain a more youthful and radiant appearance.

As we age, we begin to lose muscle elasticity. Repetitive facial expressions, including frowning, squinting, and laughing eventually lead to wrinkles and fine lines. They commonly appear in the forehead and around the eyes and the mouth.

Dysport helps to relax the muscles and thus prevent wrinkles and fine lines from appearing. It will not affect the untreated muscles, meaning you will be able to keep your natural facial movements and expressions.

Is Dysport Cosmetic Treatment for You?

The signs of aging that are visible (the ones appearing on your faces, hands, and so on) can certainly affect your self-esteem. Maintaining a youthful appearance is desirable to many people. With regular exercises and an ideal diet, you will be able to do that to a great extent, however, you cannot stop the aging process and what it will bring to your face and your body with just exercise and dieting.

Cosmetic treatments won’t be able to help you stop time, but it can help you maintain a youthful appearance and reverse the effects of time. Fine lines on your face, wrinkles, and crows feet all are sure signs of aging. Dysport can help to prevent them from appearing.

The Dysport cosmetic treatment is ideal for people who want to eliminate or reduce the frown lines between their eyes and get rid of wrinkles on their face. If you want to maintain your natural facial expressions without the fear of lines appearing on your face, you may opt for Dysport.

The Dysport cosmetic treatment is a minimally invasive procedure. It is ideal for people who don’t want to undergo more invasive procedures that require more downtime. It can also be used to treat gummy smiles, blepharospasm, lines that appear on the corners of the mouth, squint lines, bunny lines, bell’s palsy, a pebbled chin, and to lift brows.

The Procedure

The Dysport procedure is a minimally invasive one. It is done as an outpatient procedure. There is no downtime. Once the procedure is over, you can immediately go home. You will also be able to carry on with your daily activities right after you finish.

During the procedure, your physician will inject the Dysport directly into the designated target areas with the help of a fine needle. Dysport will treat the targeted muscles, and it will not affect anything else.

The procedure offers minimal to no discomfort during the entire process. There is no required sedation method, but you may ask your physician to numb the area prior to the injection. Most people, however, do not bother with the topical anesthetic.

After the Procedure

You may experience mild bruising after the procedure, however, this will go away quickly. As long you choose a qualified and experienced physician, there will be no complications that will arise from the procedure.

You will start seeing the results within 24 hours. The results can last for a year (this, however, is dependent on your lifestyle as well). Dysport has the ability to train the muscles to contract less often, hence, multiple Dysport treatments are recommended for results that will last even longer.

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