Everyone has their own hang-ups about their appearance. For many people, one of the most prevalent problems they face is getting their abs to be more defined. Achieving well-toned abs have historically been one of the most difficult fitness goals to accomplish. It requires a lot of work and a strict diet, but sometimes even those things won’t get the job done on their own.

Luckily, those who have been having trouble reaching their aesthetic goals can benefit from plastic surgery. Liposuction and abdominoplasty are two popular cosmetic surgery procedures that can help you reach your goals. They can be combined to get you that trim, toned abdomen you desire.

The Problem With Loose Skin and Abdominal Muscles

Our skin is incredibly elastic, but it can only be stretched out so much before signs of damage begin to show. This is most evident in women who are pregnant or have been pregnant. The skin and abdominal muscles will be stretched out and damaged, leading to a weak abdominal area with loose saggy skin.

It can also be seen in people who struggle with fluctuating weight and those who have lost a significant amount of weight in a short time. These issues can lead to saggy skin in the mid-region and weakened abdominal muscles that will be much harder to tone.

Unfortunately, a large amount of people won’t be able to see substantial improvements from diet and exercise alone. In cases like these, a combination surgical procedure known as lipoabdominoplasty can help.

What is Lipoabdominoplasty?

Lipoabdominoplasty is a relatively new type of plastic surgery that combines both liposuction and an abdominoplasty surgery to obtain a comprehensive improvement throughout your entire midsection. The results provided by this cosmetic surgery are exceptional.

The ideal patient for this treatment will have excess skin to the abdominal region, as well as some excess stubborn fat. These fat deposits will be removed via liposuction and your doctor will move on to recontouring the midsection by eliminating the excess skin that’s in the treatment area.

By combining liposuction and an abdominoplasty treatment into a single operation, Lipoabdominoplasty provides you with a new look that will fill you with confidence and turn heads in the process.

How Does a Lipoabdominoplasty Work?

The lipoabdominoplasty involves the removal of fat and the recontouring of the abdominal region. Liposuction is used to precisely target the areas where the stubborn fat resides. Once the fat is removed, an abdominoplasty will be performed to tighten the underlying abdominal muscles and add definition the the midsection.

Who are Good Candidates for the Lipoabdominoplasty Surgery

The best candidates for the lipoabdominoplasty surgery are those who have struggled with obtaining their dream bodies after a long time of committing to a strict diet and exercise routine. Patients should be in good general health and free of any underlying conditions that may increase the chance of risks.

Patients should be ready to provide their doctor with their medical history so he can assess your general state of health accurately. Anyone undergoing this surgery should also have realistic expectations about the outcome of the procedure.

Last but not least, patients should schedule a consultation with a skilled cosmetic surgeon in order to learn more about the details involved in the surgical process.

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