As people age, their skin develops wrinkles and their youthful looks begin to fade. Cosmetic surgeons previously used various surgical procedures to bring back glowing, tight skin that is wrinkle-free. As plastic surgery techniques advance, injections and fillers have became more popular. As a result, fat-transfer injections or microlipoinjections became available for patients everywhere.

A microlipoinjection is a procedure that patients can undergo to have fat from parts of their body injected into certain facial areas. This will make the face look fuller and more youthful. The procedure can be performed to enhance the patient’s cheeks and chin along with the lips.

Am I the Right Candidate?

Any adult that wants to diminish the signs of aging around their face can opt for this procedure. Ideally, a fat transfer patient must be in relatively good health. Fat-Transfer patients are often older but in some cases they might be younger than 40.

Patients are recommended to disclose all previous medical conditions and open up about habits like smoking and drinking when asked. Regular medications that a patient uses, including blood thinners, supplements, and birth control pills will also need to be discussed.

How Does Fat Transfer Work?

A Fat transfer requires the harvesting of a patient’s own fat from other areas of the body to enhance facial features. During the procedure, excess fat is removed from areas like the buttocks, thighs, and abdomen using liposuction. The fat cells are then isolated and cleaned thoroughly. The cleaned extract is then injected into the desired locations on the face.

Almost all the areas of the face can be improved with an injection, including the forehead, cheeks and under-eye area. It can also cover the neck of the patient. Depending on the designated area, multiple injections might be required or one might be sufficient. Your doctor will explain all of these factors before the surgery, during your initial consultation.


Compared to other fillers on the market, a fat transfer is suitable for people suffering from all kinds of skin allergies. Since the procedure does not involve the injection of foreign material into the body, it will not cause any allergic reactions.

The effects of a fat transfer will also last much longer than some dermal fillers. They can last up to a couple of years in some cases whereas fillers will breakdown within months. Fat transfer allows surgeons to inject the exact amount of fat needed for each patient. This is especially beneficial in the case of large transfers as this method is more cost-efficient in the long run.

The decision to choose between dermal fillers and fat transfer depends on a variety of factors and is dependent on each case. Most good cosmetic surgeons will take a look at each patient and recommend customized procedures for each patient. When another facial surgery is being performed on the patient such as a face lift or a neck lift, fat transfer injections are preferred as opposed to fillers.

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