Along with being used to reduce cellulite, exfoliate, reduce a region in volume, and erase wrinkles, Synergie is also recommended as a post-liposuction massage treatment.

Sagging skin can be an issue after fat is removed from the body. To ensure that the skin conforms to the body’s new contours, we perform Synergie post-liposuction massage to tighten the skin. With Synergie, the results of liposuction are even and smooth.

Synergie also helps ameliorate post-surgical swelling after liposuction. It does this by encouraging lymphatic drainage, removing trapped fluid from the tissues.

To arrange a consultation regarding Synergie as a post-liposuction massage treatment option, contact our office. Schilling Cosmetic Center and Schilling Women’s Center, has a board-certified OB/GYN performing cosmetic procedures, regularly offers liposuction and Synergie to patients in the Atlanta region.