SmartLipo is a new technique used in performing liposuction. Using this method, the fat is melted using a laser before removal through a specialized tube called a cannula. In addition to more efficient fat removal, this technique is less aggressive, meaning that the time it takes to recover from the treatment is much less when compared to traditional liposuction methods.

SmartLipo can also target hard to reach and sensitive regions that accumulate significant amounts of fat like the neck and face. In cases like these, a cannula is not used to remove the liquefied fat. It will be removed through your body’s natural processes.

While smartlipo is an effective means of eliminating fat from the body, it is not an effective weight-loss solution. It is important for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle through a healthy diet and exercise after undergoing the procedure to maintain the results acquired from the surgery.

The Smart Lipo Procedure

Also known as Laser Lipolysis, the smartlipo procedure begins with the administration of local anesthesia to the targeted region. An appliance called the smartlipo laser fiber is then inserted into the body through a very small tube. The laser will then disintegrate fat cells in the targeted region.

After the fat cells are melted, the liquefied fat is then sucked out with minimum exertion. Common problems associated with traditional liposuction like sagging and dimpling of the skin is not experienced when using the smartlipo method. Rather, this procedure tightens the skin through the process of coagulation.

The laser technology produces three wavelengths with specialized functions. The wavelengths assist in fat disruption, collagen stimulation, and blood vessel coagulation. The end result is smooth, tightened, and elastic skin!

What to Expect from a SmartLipo Surgery

The length of time your treatment takes is based on the number of areas that needs to be treated. One session may take up to 2 hours depending on your needs. This procedure requires the administration of local anesthesia to make the treatment more comfortable. You may feel a sensation of light pressure or tugging.

Slight swelling and bruising is common after the completion of the procedure, but it will subside in time. Your doctor will give you a compression garment to be worn for a week after the procedure to expedite the healing process. Patients can resume their routine activities in about two days.
Visible results are seen a week after the procedure and improves over 3-6 months. Results provided are long lasting as the fat cells in the targeted region are permanently destroyed and drained out.

SmartLipo Can Improve Different Areas of the Body

Face and Neck: These areas display the first signs of aging and require precise attention to detail. SmartLipo can help eliminate excess fat in the face in neck for a more youthful and well-contoured facial appearance.

Arms and Legs: The arms and legs are prone to accumulating excess fat deposits that are difficult to get rid of. SmartLipo is the perfect solution for removing excess fat from such places if dieting and working out has failed. The procedure can help slim down and tone your legs and arms.

Abdomen and Buttocks: The procedure can help eliminate stubborn fat from the abdominals and buttocks.

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